NEO Wars

Michael Sedore

Download (139MB)
v0.15.3.3 (March 3, 2015)
Requires Windows 8 7 Vista XP
There's no installer or anything.
Just unzip and run.

This is a fast, fun, blow-up-everything game inspired by the old arcade classic, Asteroids. It will eventually make its way to Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It's still in development, but is very playable now.

This isn't just a new game. It's also a new 3D rendering engine. The beta is filled with features to demonstrate abilities of the new engine; features that won't be in the final game obviously. At least 90% of the file size is for sample, demonstration models.

You will see, as fun as the game is, that it's lacking fresh, new things to keep you entertained. I want the player to choose levels, like in an Angry Birds game, and all levels are variations of the same-style game play. What I need is an idea that can be molded hundreds of times for new levels. This would be easy if it was Pacman; I'd just make new mazes. I'm not sure what to do in Asteroids though.

That brings me to you. If you think you have a great idea, lemme know. Something able to accommodate hundreds of levels, not just a few. I'm sure most people will be as stumped as I am, in which case, enjoy the beta, and have fun!

Michael Sedore . . . . . . . . March 3, 2015

* Press the spacebar at any time to toggle some helpful notes.
* After selecting a sample model to view from the menu bar,
* you may have to fly around a bit to see it.
* Reflections look much better with a light background.

Tap any image to enlarge

NEO Wars
Near Earth Object Wars . . . (Were you expecting Keanu facing off against Agent Smith?)

UFO explodes
Another alien eats plasma-burst pie.

Flying machines
Oops! Firing at the good guys with a bogey on my tail.

Lara reborn
Houston, I can can confirm. It's a U.F.O. I repeat, it's an Unidentified Feminine Object.

Someone's gonna be sorry they parked here.

Light show.

Faith (refract)
It's amazing how the light refracts up here.

Booyah! Chain-reaction detonation.

Mclaren MP4-12C
Shiny cars look better in the sun.

Nilin (front)
Close encounter.

Nilin (back)
Just as nice going as it was coming.

Crash and burn
Crash and burn into the rings of Saturn.

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