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Klondike by Threes Solitaire rules<< Klondike | Klondike Territory >>

To many people this is "Klondike", the way they always play it. It's more of an alternative rule than a variation.

Klondike by Threes solitaire

One deck of cards
Object: Play all cards to the foundation.

Tableau: 7 piles.
Rank is built down. Cards must alternate suit color.
If a pile is empty, you can play a king.
You can pick up and play a group of cards.

Stock: Holds the 24 undealt cards.
Plays 3 cards face up to the waste.
When the stock is depleted, the unplayed cards are returned face down to be turned from the stock again.

Waste: Discard pile.
Only the stock can play to here.
You can pick up and play the top card.

Foundation: 4 piles.
Play "ace" cards to empty piles.
Rank is built up. Cards must match the same suit.

Variation of:

    The stock turns 3 cards at a time rather than 1.

Klondike by Threes solitaire

Klondike by Threes solitaire

Klondike by Threes solitaire

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